Prevent Frozen Pipes – Disconnect Outside Hoses

We interrupt this fall broadcast to bring you an important message!

You are no doubt enjoying this gorgeous autumn – a season when nature shows off its splendor. If you’re like many of us, you are probably daydreaming about some of the many activities we Alaskans enjoy in the fall. Moose hunting. Berry Picking. Those last few hikes up our favorite flat-topped mountain before it snows.

Far be it from us to put a damper on your autumnal reveries by discussing an unthinkable matter. Nevertheless, we must face our denial. Yes, Folks, summer is officially over.

As the leaves begin to change color and the warm summer days subtly transform into fond memories, it reminds us that cold weather is on the way. Wisdom and experience suggest that we take time to plan for the inevitable snow and ice while the weather is still warm.

Which brings us to the subject at hand. Have you unhooked your hoses from the outside hose bibs before they have a chance to freeze?

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Disconnect Outside Hoses To Prevent Frozen Pipes

During the cold Alaskan winter, water in the attached hoses backs up into the frost-free hose shut-off valves. If water accumulates in the frost-free line, it will freeze and split the water line between the actual shut-off inside the wall and the outside shut-off knob that we see. When the water is turned on next spring it can flood the home. That would be very disappointing.

Now is the time to protect our properties by disconnecting all exterior hoses. Besides, you are not going to need those hoses to water the lawn or garden until next summer arrives with a fresh growth of beauty and wonder. If you take a few minutes now to check your hoses, you could save yourself much heartache and wallet-ache in the coming spring.

This concludes our interruption of your regularly scheduled fall broadcast. Please continue to enjoy Alaska in all its resplendent glory.

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